Intellivision Composite Video Install

Click on the links below to view the The Step-by-Step Guide to install the Intellivision Composite Video Out Modification.


Step-by-Step for the Intellivision 1 console


Step-by-Step for the Intellivision 2 console


This mod has been carefully designed and manufactured. It has proven to work. To my knowledge, it does not harm your system.

Nevertheless, I cannot be held responsible for any damage of your console (and yourself), when you install it. You open and modify your Intellivision at your own risk. Please make sure that your console is not connected to any power source whenever the cover is removed.

Study all information given in these installation guides about how to install the mod in the video game system carefully before you proceed. If there is anything not absolutely clear to you about this process, do not install the mod.

Many thanks to David Harley and Grant Ferey for the revision of the guides. The layout design was made by Franco Ricciardi. Thanks to Joe Zbiciak and Tim Lindner for creating the original design of this modification.

Feel free to use all pictures and information for any Intellivision related purpose, but please indicate its origin.

Send your questions, comments and suggestions to:
Oliver Puschatzki

-Oliver Puschatzki (October 2006)