Space Patrol for the Intellivision

Video Game Critic gives Space Patrol an A+! READ IT HERE

Product Description

Considered one of the best games released for the Intellivision, Space Patrol is an immediate classic. After years of coding the game, Joe Zbiciak has made every effort to bring you the best product possible.

Understanding collaboration is important to produce the best, Joe worked with the best in the industry to have the best sounding music, courtesy of Arnauld Chevallier, and challenging level design, courtesy of David Harley. Presentation also plays a large role so all the artwork was hand drawn by Teresa Zbiciak with Oliver Puschatzki designing the box and overlay.

When you hold the Space Patrol package in your hand, you immediately realize that this could have and should have been sold in the early 80's. Simply said, this product is in the top of it's class!

Game Play

The Federation of Planets has control of strategic planetary bodies in our solar system and needs to protect their interest. You, as a Space Patrol cadet, will patrol the various planets looking for smugglers and aliens intent on capturing the established outpost. Your tank is equipped with the latest technologies to help you survive any onslaught you may encounter.
The object is to complete the varying legs of the patrol course as quickly as you can while avoiding rocks, craters, mines, attacks from enemy craft, and more.
Your on-screen display has indicator lights warning you of approaching danger. Keep an eye on it to stay ahead of threats.
Reach the 5 major check points and have your time evaluated against the average time. Beat it for bonus points.
Play among 4 different planetary bodies. They each have different challenges and play at different levels. Do you think you are good enough to handle Mercury?
Not hearing enough SFX? Hook up your ECS to make the game sound better! Space Patrol uses all 6 audio channels when connected to an ECS. Use this ROM to help you set the volume correctly.


Game Design, Sound Effects, Graphics, and Programming
Joe Zbiciak
Level Design
David Harley
Arnauld Chevallier
Original Artwork
Teresa Zbiciak
Box and Overlay Design
Oliver Puschatzki

Play the Game

Play it on your computer! Download the ROM and use the Nostalgia or jzIntv emulator to enjoy an original 80's game again.