Classic Game Controller for the Intellivision



There were 100 CGCs produced. They have all been sold and will not be made again.

Product Description

The Classic Game Controller allows you to play Intellivsion games on the PC with the original controllers. It *was* the *only* PC interface that allows 16 directions on the disk!

The CGC is an interface between two Intellivision controllers and the PC. The PC side is a full speed USB 1.1 connector.

There are two available adapters for it; one with 9-pin headers for the original Intellivision style controllers and one with DB-9's for the Intellivision II / Sears Video Arcade style controllers.

In order to use the CGC you need an x86 based PC with Windows 98, 2000, or XP and an available USB 1.1 port. We recommend a processor speed of at least 300MHz.

The CGC only works with the Nostalgia (windows only) and JZIntv (Windows, Mac, and Linux) Intellivision emulators.

The CGC is compatible with Linux and has been tested on a Raspberry PI running Retropie. To use the CGC with the jzIntv emulator, which is included with Retropie, the emulator config needs to be updated adding the switch --cgc0=/dev/ttyUSB0.

You may need to confirm that your CGC registered as the device ttyUSB0. You can do this by looking in the /dev folder. A file called ttyUSB0 or ttyUSB1 will be created when the CGC is plugged in.

If your CGC is slow in responding, edit the file /sys/bus/usb-serial/devices/ttyUSB0/latency_timer and change the value in there to 1 (one). RetroPie already has this set correctly.


Download the CGC drivers for Windows by CLICKING HERE.

If you are a software developer and would like to create drivers for the CGC, download the SDK by CLICKING HERE.

The CGC uses the FTDI drivers. The drivers for other operating systems can be download from HERE


Created and originally sold by
Shiny Technologies