Intellivision 1 Composite Video Install

The Step-by-Step Guide to install the Intellivision Composite Video Out Modification

(Click on the image to view a higher resolution of it) 

1. Make sure that you have your Intv1 and modification board. Cable length fits either Intv 1 and Intv 2 consoles. If the cables seem to be too long for your console and prevent the mod from fitting easily into it, cut them down to the size you need.


2. This I what you need
    a) A drill (to create the holes for the composite jacks)
    b) A 8.0 drill bit (note: this is not a U.S. measurement size)
    c) A soldering iron
    d) Solder wire
    e) A Phillips screwdriver
    f) A knife (not shown in the picture)
    g) A small pair of pliers (not shown in the picture)


3. Turn the console upside down and unscrew all six screws that hold the cover. Turn the Intellivision again and remove the cover.


4. Unscrew all six screws that retain the joypad attachment.


5. Remove it.


6. Locate the power supply unit and detach the white and the blue cable at the right side of the board. Be sure to memorize polarity of the white cable.


7. Detach the joypads from the main board. Make sure to memorize polarity! You can help to ensure correct polarity is maintained when reassembling by marking the cabel/connector and the PCB with a black felt-tip pen.


8. Put the housing and the joypads aside. You will need to open the black shielding now. There are nine soldering points that hold the shielding in place.


9. Gently push the knife between the main board and the shielding and lever the blade down a bit as shown in the photo. Break the soldering point with the soldering iron. Proceed until all soldering points have been desoldered. Check whether the small metal plate of the reset button is still in place. It tends to fall off...


10. Remove the black shielding and locate the RF section.


11. Solder the inner wire of cable V IN from the mod to the wire on the right side of the RF section as shown on the picture below. Solder the A IN cable from the mod to second wire from the left that leads into the RF section.


12. When the cables are correctly soldered to the RF section put the shielding back in place.


13. Now comes the hardest part. Drill two holes in the housing; choose the position shown in the picture, next to the power plug. Be sure to use an appropriately sized drill bit, if you are unsure which size is correct, use a smaller sized bit first. Attach the rca connectors carefully


14. Tighten the RCA socket locking nuts. Solder wire V OUT to the yellow RCA connector and A OUT to the black RCA connector. Attach the wires as shown in this picture.


15. Put the main board back into the casing, connect the hand controllers to it (POLARITY!) and the blue wire to the power supply PCB. Solder the red wire +5 V from the mod to the white power cable like shown in the picture. Choose the topmost connector and do not damage the other conducting paths! Connect the white power cable to its jack on the power supply PCB, ensuring correct polarity.


16. Solder the black wire GND from the mod to any of the soldering points that hold the black shielding of the main board.


17. Your console and the mod should now be properly connected to each other. Put the joypad attachment back in place and tighten the screws.


18. Close the cover again and tighten all six screws you removed in Step 1. You now have the best video output for you Intellivision I!


OPTIONAL - Improving picture quality even more:

Warning! Your game system has to be powered on while the cover is open in order to perform the adjustments. Please ensure that all safety precautions are taken to prevent contact with any powered cables or parts of the power supply unit. OK? Here is the interesting part.

It is possible to adjust colors and the picture quality of your Intellivision I console. There is a tiny potentiometer on the main board that controls these parameters. This is what it looks like:


Take any game cartridge that uses the original title screen (the one with color bars). Power your system on. Turn the potentiometer with a very small pair of pliers. Adjust the picture until it looks best on your TV. You should have even better video output for your Intellivision I now!

The RF output will still be functional if you ever have the need to use it. ** ALWAYS ** make sure you have the video wire connected to the YELLOW composite jack. You could cause damage to your TV if you have the wires reversed.


This mod has been carefully designed and manufactured. It has proven to work. To my knowledge, it does not harm your system.

Nevertheless, I cannot be held responsible for any damage of your console (and yourself), when you install it. You open and modify your Intellivision at your own risk. Please make sure that your console is not connected to any power source whenever the cover is removed.

Study all information given in this installation guide about how to install the mod in the video game system carefully before you proceed. If there is anything not absolutely clear to you about this process, do not install the mod.

-Oliver Puschatzki (October 2006)