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- 4-TRIS: The first homebrew game sold in cart format. *COMPLETED*

- ADVENTURES OF TRON: plays just like the 2600 version. *COMPLETED*

- ASTROSMASH COMPETITION: has a menu to enter how long you want to play for. *COMPLETED*

- BLOWOUT: the 3rd title in the Party Line series. Also contains the title screen. *COMPLETED*

- CHOPLIFTER: Mattel would have had great success with this version which plays like the Apple II version had they not closed down. *ROM PURCHASE*

- DONKEY KONG ARCADE: the version Coleco SHOULD have released. *COMPLETED*. Purchase the ROM HERE

- FLINTSTONES KEYBOARD FUN: ECS title that teaches typing. *COMPLETED*

- HOVER FORCE 3D: Mattel prototype which would have used 3D glasses. Notice how the cursor is different, the enemies do not move, and there are fires everywhere! *UNFINISHED*

- ILLUSIONS: exactly like the Colecovision release except for the graphics. *COMPLETED*

Download the MANUAL.

- ISTAR: collect the rings to complete the maze. Press 7 to select a level and 9 to edit your own level. Created by David Akers. *COMPLETED*

- KING OF THE MOUNTAIN: Major bug fixed and contains a menu allowing you to pick a level to start on. *ROM PURCHASE*

King of the Mountain is an under rated game. Even without sound f/x, the game play makes you return for more. The easy levels do not require much strategy but the higher levels challenge and make you take risk.

- LEAGUE OF LIGHT: move successfully through the corridor and then match music tones. *COMPLETED*

- LOCK 'n' CHASE: gives better control over the released version. Contains the collapsing Lupin . *COMPLETED*

- MS NIGHT STALKER: an updated version of the original Night Stalker game. Enhancements include faster game play, 9 mazes to play, randomness of play, and more. *ROM PURCHASE*

- SUPER MASTERS: prototype of Masters of the Universe II. This ended up becoming Diner.

- MYSTIC CASTLE: an updated version of the prototype to Thunder Castle. Enhancements include faster play, 4 levels to start play on, and updated bonus images. *ROM PURCHASE*

- QUEST: 4th AD&D prototype title. Works with Intellivoice. *UNFINISHED*

- PAC-MAN INTERMISSION SCENES: all 4 intermission scenes between levels. *Not* the game.

- ROBOT RUBBLE: bomb robots coming from the mountains then avoid bouncers to collect the bonus. *COMPLETED*

- ROCKEY & BULLWINKLE: math and association tutor. *COMPLETED*

- SAMEGAME & ROBOTS: full-featured version that should have been put on the produced carts under #100. *ROM PURCHASE*

This game was created by Michael Hayes and is the 4th cartridge released by IntelligentVision. It is the first title to be released in cart format to use the Intellivoice since the original Mattel releases. The game went through many changes when I started adding to it. Major changes include a menu, updated graphics, additional game play, and Intellivoice support. Some have said the game does not need Intellivoice support but what game ever does. Make sure you read the documentation on both games. Robots is VERY addicting!

- SCARFINGER: motocycle action. *UNFINISHED*

- SOCCER 2: prototype to World Cup Soccer. Mattel used this version to demonstrated advertisements. *COMPLETED*

- SPACE CUNT: programmers proof-of-concept. Works with the Intellivoice. *ROM PURCHASE*

- SPACE PATROL TEASER: Arcade action at it's best! *COMPLETED*

- ECS VOLUME CALIBRATION: Use this tool to calibrate the ECS volume output to match the console volume output. Use before playing Space Patrol! *COMPLETED*

- SPACE SHUTTLE: prototype of space exploration. Uses the Intellivoice. *UNFINISHED*

Download the MANUAL.

- STONIX: contains updated levels. Similar to cart release. *COMPLETED*

From the first day I asked Arnauld to complete this game to the day I handed him the final product, STONIX has been and always will be special to me. As Arnauld worked on the functionality of the game, I used his editor to design and test as many levels as I could make. Arnauld did not expect me to reach the 100 mark but we did with a final count of 106. Read the Easter Eggs for the secret way to see 5 unreleased levels. Visit Arnauld's WEBSITE.

Download the MANUAL. Download the OVERLAY. Download the ORIGINAL OVERLAY.

- SUPER CHEF BT: a clone of Beef Drop with way more screens and other additional enhancements. *ROM PURCHASE*

- SUPER NFL FOOTBALL: The first football games Mattel made for use with the ECS. *COMPLETED*

- SUPER PRO BASEBALL: an updated version of Championship Baseball. Enhancements include faster pitches, smarter AI, enable/disable stats, music, and more difficult to hit home runs. *ROM PURCHASE*

- SUPER PRO HOCKEY: an updated version of Slap Shot Hockey. Enhancements include faster play, smarter AI, proper handling of penalties, time options, bug fixes, and more! *ROM PURCHASE*

- SUPER PRO TENNIS: a one player version of the original Tennis. *ROM PURCHASE*

- TAG ALONG TODD: pick up cans while avoiding Todd. *INCOMPLETE*

This game was designed by Joe Z. and released in the SDK1600 package. In version 2, he added Intellivoice support. I have added features such as a fence that lowers as each level is completed, growing grass, additional sound effects, and the Running Man. I believe this is the first playable game to use the Running Man since Mattel. He looks a little different than the sports titles. There are plans on allowing an option for you to choose which Running Man to use. I am open to adding more features. Let me know what you would like. Visit Joe's WEBSITE.

Download the MANUAL. Download the SOURCE.

- YOGI'S FRUSTRATION: help Yogi collect apples. *COMPLETED*