Samegame & Robots 2012 for the Intellivision

Product Description

Intellivision Samegame & Robots
2012 release
Strategy and planning is the name of the game regardless which title you choose to test your wits against. Learn to analyze and predict how the game will unfold to achieve the most points and successful completion. Welcome to the peaceful world of SameGame and the tense world of Robots. Either choice is an addicting path.

SAMEGAME - There are three different pieces on the board. Connect as many shapes of one type to score higher points and clear the board. The two variations of the game only have different game rules.

ROBOTS - Move the cursor to destroy all the Robots on the screen by making them collide into each other, by making them hit their left over scrap, or by using a bomb.



2004 release
Michael Hayes programmed SameGame as a standalone game in 2001. By early 2004, Robots was added to give the game value. Intelligentvision was looking for homebrew games to produce and SameGame & Robots was scheduled as the 4th release. David did not believe the game was finished and began "enhancing" it. The following 6 months was a tumultuous period for Intelligentvision. David continued providing updated versions of the game but by the end of August, decided to quit from Intelligentvision. He continued coding the game though. By the end of September, Chris and Roger released the game unbeknown to David. The current version of the game, provided to Chris and Roger, made it to production of carts numbered after 100. David never felt that the game was really finished but stopped coding since the game went to production.

Fast forwarding to 2011, David was asked by Darren, a collector and gamer, to fix/finish FUBAR which is another game by Michael Hayes. Once deep into programming, he only saw fit to revisit SameGame & Robots and to really finish it. Being a big fan of the Intellivoice module, it was only fitting to add human voices to the game. With the 2004 version seeing a very limited release, the updates made to the game, and higher quality production, a 2012 release was believed to be warranted.


Game Design, Music, Graphics and Original Programming
Michael Hayes
Additional Programming and Game Enhancements
David Harley
Storyline and Manual
David Harley
Original Artwork
Gil Garcia
Box and Overlay Design
Oliver Puschatzki

Play the Game

Play it on your computer! Download the ROM and use the Nostalgia or jzIntv emulator to enjoy an original 80's game again.