The Revenge of the Jedi - Game I & II
for the Intellivision

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In 1983, Parker Brothers released boxes to toy stores to promote upcoming games. The Intellivision box titles distributed were:

The Incredible Hulk
James Bond 007
The Lord of the Rings
Star Wars Revenge of the Jedi - Game I
Star Wars Revenge of the Jedi - Game II
Star Wars - Jedi Arena

The Revenge of the Jedi boxes have been the most elusive for the Intellivision collectors. Star Wars had a following by the time the 3rd movie was announced. The original title of the movie was Revenge of the Jedi. Since the character was not supposed to be vengeful, the title was changed  to Return of the Jedi. Star Wars collectors knew that they had instant items to add to their collections and anything labeled as Revenge of the Jedi was snatched up. The Intellivision collectors never had a chance at tracking these boxes down.

Below are the two boxes for the Intellivision.
All the Parker Brother box images are available on the Intellivision Library.

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