Space Patrol for the Intellivision

Download the teaser ROM HERE

November 9, 2007 - Status Update

All the pieces of the product are coming together! Joe has announced that pre-sales should start around the first week of December. I am looking into getting a box made up for 4-Tris. I have my fingers crossed.

October 7, 2007 - Status Update

Chips are ready to go to the assembly shop! Boxes are about to get printed and the manual is ready for printing also. Hopefully you will be able to have Space Patrol in your stocking this Christmas.

As a bonus, 4-Tris will once again be available in cart form. This is an updated version that has a new title screen and new Easter Egg game; Tag-Along-Todd instead of Pong. This offering is intended *only* for those that have not been able to buy the previous releases as only about 50 will be made.
I know it is taking long to get Space Patrol out but you are going to love the quality. You will get the same sensation as you did in the 80's! I am hoping to post more information on the reproduction boxes very soon also.

September 10, 2007 - Slow progress

Joe has started burning the eproms. This is a GOOD sign as he has FINALLY convinced himself that the game is completed. Read his blog on Live Journal.
We are waiting for a sample print of the box. I have my fingers crossed.

July 29, 2007 - Still progressing

The box is coming along nicely. I think producing the game takes longer than programming :)

July 15, 2007 - Update

Work is progressing on the production of the game.
Curious to what inspired Space Patrol? Watch the video below.

June 18, 2007 - Teaser ROM is now available

A teaser version of Space Patrol is now available! It contains all the worlds with checkpoints A through J. Visit Joe's Website or download it HERE.

June 6, 2007 - Programming Contest

With the programming of Space Patrol done, Joe Zbiciak has started an Intellivision programming contest. This is a great way to get new development completed and invigorate the community. Check out the contest HERE.

June 4, 2007 - Done!

THE GAME IS DONE! Joe is doing some final testing just to be 100% that the game is perfect.

May 29, 2007 - Did I say?

Yes, the game is..well..kind of done. Joe is adding a splash screen but has run out of room. This REALLY the last bit that will be added to the game. Production should start this year :)
For those of you who are looking for a full experiece with the CC3, check out my LATEST PROJECT

May 4, 2007 - Joe's update

The game is playing well and I have no intention on making changes to the levels. Joe is wrapping up his end. Read his latest posting HERE.

April 25, 2007 - Done?

Some minor changes were made to how often the front tank fires so many adjustmens in the levels had to be made. Those adjustments have been completed. As it stands now, Joe has a code freeze and I am done with the levels. All that is left is to test. In a way, it is sad to be done. It has been fun and challenging working on this game.

April 9, 2007 - Crazy thoughts

If you ever wondered what Joe and my conversations are like, read a SNIPPET HERE.

April 9, 2007 - More info from Joe

Read Joe's posting at JOE'S POSTING.

April 7, 2007 - Feature complete

Joe has completed coding the game! Read his posting at JOE'S POSTING.
Both of us are now reviewing our parts and making some minor adjustments. After all this work, we may as well spend a little more time making it perfect. The production process should be starting soon.

April 4, 2007 - Some BIG news

The last level, Pluto Champion, is now complete! All that is necessary is to do some testing and adjustments to it.
Joe has added the GAME OVER function and CONTINUE function. He is close to finishing the game! YEAH!!!!

March 19, 2007 - Joe's update

Is tax day a big day? That is the new target to have Beta 1 ready. Read Joe's posting at JOE'S POSTING (fixed).

March 8, 2007 - Ready to go

Joe has given word that he is ready to get back into SP. Maybe it will be completed by April?

February 21, 2007 - Still Alive

We are still alive. Life has gotten in the way a tad but this is a healthy break. The game is so close to the end but it is difficult to put the polishing touch on it when one is burned out. I am not sure how much time we will be on break and how much time is left to complete the game but do not despair. I PROMISE that you will love what Joe is doing with the game. It ROCKS!

February 8, 2007 - RSS is now available for Space Patrol

If you use an RSS reader, you can add this site to is! The feed is available HERE.

January 17, 2007 - So close yet so far

Joe and I have taken a small break. We had to enjoy something of the holidays.

Scoring is around 1/3 done. Joe still wants to update some pieces such as the sound processing. There is much left to still do even though the game looks complete. After all this hard work, it only makes sense to make the game perfect. I have no idea when the game will be ready to ship but it is worth the wait.

The Mars planet is in the can and on to Pluto. This planet will be very time consuming as the difficulty of it needs to fall between Mars and Mercury. Who will finish first; David or Joe?

The next update to post will be some time in February. I hope to have some videos for you then.

January 2, 2007 - Almost done

Joe has hit a milestone.

It is now easier to say what is left to do than what has been done. The largest piece missing is scoring. All other functions are done and working very well. Joe may still update some pieces though.

One neat new addition is an easter egg. I am not sure if it will be posted in the future.

David has:
- completed the Mars planet. It may be a little to hard and will need adjusting. We are still testing it.

December 17, 2006 - Awesome progress

Joe is on fire!

Joe has :
- updated the mission menu. One word..AWESOME! This will be the best menu ever for an Intellivision game.
- adding dying. This makes game play way it should :)
- not much left to do. The game is almost done! YEAH!!!

David has:
- completed the Mercury planet 100%.
- started Mars Beginners and is through checkpoint J.
- updated the creeps definitions.

December 10, 2006 - More cranking away

Joe has many updates and I finally finished the Mercury planet. Here are brief updates.

Joe has :
- the artwork for the box/manual. It is HOT!
- added new followers to Pluto and Mars. Very cool.
- updated all the sounds and they are awesome. Click HERE to listen to a sample.

David has:
- completed the Mercury planet by adding the caution flags.
- fixed bugs with the follower.
- prepared Mercury for beta testing.
- started final testing of Mercury to be able to say it is 100% complete.
- updated the moon planet and fine tuned it. The Moon is 100% complete.

November 29, 2006 - Busy cranking away

Joe has been super busy with updates while I struggle to complete the Mercury planet. Here are brief updates.
- Joe has replaced the sound effects engine and will fine tune the sounds.
- Joe has the performce fine tuned to the point of being complete.
- I have reached checkpoint T on the Mercury Champion level. I need to complete the level this week/today.
- The artwork for the box, manual, and overlay is coming along.

November 19, 2006 - Still alive

Joe and myself have been very busy with other things. The game is still moving along but at a slower rate these past weeks. Worry not though. Both of us have over a week vacation after Thanksgiving and we will be dedicating a bunch of time to SP.
- Joe has saved another 100 cycles. I wonder how much further he can get. The game responds very well currently.
- The Mercury Champion level is half complete. I expect it to be done by the end of this week.

November 5, 2006 - Small update

The results from the testers are in! The feedback shows the game is going in the right direction. Progress is moving at a good clip.
- Joe is still...yes...optimizing. He still wants to cut the cycles used by 100 cycles.
- The Mercury Beginners level is complete and in the testing stage. The Mercury world will be the most difficult to play if not impossible to complete.
This pages will get reworked soon as posting start for additional games which are progressing quickly.

October 27, 2006 - Joe's turn

I will let Joe report this week. Read it HERE. Below are some brief updates.
- Joe is still optimizing. He has lowered the resources to where they should not be an issue.
- The flying patterns are even MORE variable than before.
- Stalactites have been implemented for Mercury, the most difficult world. Game play is AWESOME!

October 20, 2006 - And the tuning goes on

This is a slow week as we wait for the testers results. Here are highlights of the week.
- Joe is still finding areas to optimize. This is VERY important as this game uses so many resources.
- The flying patterns are now more variable.
- Work has started on the other worlds. There will be some cool variations in the game.
Want to see what the game looks like? Joe wanted a break from programming so he played Space Patrol! He made these videos to share with you. They are all from the Moon Champion world.

Point A - E

Point F - J

Point K - O

Point P - T

** This are large files. Be patient as they download. **

October 13, 2006 - Looking for testers

Space Patrol is cranking along now. Here are highlights of the progress.
- Joe is going through code so fast, my head is spinning! To much and to technical to report on it.
- The world selection is in place. It is not in final form but proof of concept is complete. The current state helps level development
- The Beginner and Champion stage are 100% done. Some changes that Joe is doing will allow me to making the flying patterns more variable.
Once I fine tune the flying patterns, we would like to have some testers give it a test run and report back issues and/or comments. It is preferable if you have an Intellicart so you can play it on the console. Contact me if you would like to test it.

October 8, 2006 - Several Updates

Space Patrol is still moving along. Here are highlights of the progress.
- The code for the follower is done and it looks great.
- Joe is working on the world selection. The game will allow the player to choose between 4 planets.
- There is one stage left to complete the Champion stage. I was incorrect calling it the Challenge level.

October 1, 2006 - Several Updates

Space Patrol is moving along. Here are highlights of the progress.
- The code for the follower is in process.
- Once complted, Joe will move on to the intermissions, the menu, dying animation, additional sounds, world selection and scoring.
- The scores from the arcade have been documented.
- The first pass of the Beginner level has been completed.
- Work has started on the Challenge level.
Here is a screen shot of the second game we hope to have released! project may be growing. A second game may be released at the same time or shortly after Space Patrol. More information will be posted here as it becomes available.
Oliver has sent me the video mod boards and I will be posting more information here shortly with pictures.

September 21, 2006 - Brief Summary

This page will be dedicated to keeping you updated on the progress of the up-and-coming game called Space Patrol for the Intellivision. This game was originally called Lunar MP but as the design of the game grew, it made sense to change the name.
Why have this webpage now when this game has been in development for 5+ years? Commitments have been made to complete it! The plan is to have the game completed and ready for sale on cart in March 2007. This gives us 6 months to finalize everything.
Visit here again to get updates on the progress of this game. Click on CONTACT ME if you have any questions. I will post answers on the website.