United States Patent 4,264,114

Apr. 28, 1981 - Electrical Connector Assembly

Filed: Jan. 5, 1979

Assignee: Mattel, Inc., Hawthorne, Calif.


An electrical connector assembly having an electrical connector with an elongate main body with a socket in one long edge thereof with first and second rows of conductive leads extending outwardly from the opposite long edge, a first row of leads bent 90° to the plane of the edge with the other row of leads being bent angularly with the free ends thereof bent again in parallel relation to the first row of leads, the free ends of both rows being generally parallel for insertion into apertures on a printed circuit board with the main body in adjscent proximate relation to the board with the leads secured to the goard adjacent an edge portion, the edge having a width generally equal to the length of the body. A cartridge is provided for use with the connector, the cartridge including a pocket in one end thereof. A connector edge of a second printed circuit board within the cartridge extends partially into the pocket for being received within the socket of the connector with the pocket forming a shroud substantially surrounding the main body of the connector and the edge portion of the first printed circuit board. The connector edge is set off-center for permitting insertion only with the cartridge housing properly aligned relative to the connector body.

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