Dr. David P. Chandler
Downey California

Job Objective:
Position as a member or head of the top management team of a company developing products for emerging markets. Responsibilities to include: directing technical stall, participating in product selection, and interfacing with suppliers and the trade.

Thirty years leadership responsibilities with industries using state-of-the art electronic and electro-mechanical technologies.

  • A talented conceptualizer with strong interpersonal skills.
  • Creator and director of technical teams to bring concepts into reality.
  • Skilled coordinator with both technical experts and the public.

Known in the industry as "the father of Intellivision".

  • Led the Intellivision development from the conceptual stage into volume production; from no sales to over $500 million annual sales in less than 5 years.
  • Headed the technical proposal team which architected the Minuteman Guidance and Control System, the largest production program in the history of Autonetics.
  • Architected, designed and developed a compact effective editor for multiple page documents, including building:
    • a special purpose TTL processor and
    • a multiple output switching power supply half the size and weight of the smallest comparable supplies available.
  • Developed an all magnetic computer capability - a version of which enabled a test program crucial to winning the Minuteman contract.
  • Created an Advanced Development Team to develop next generation home entertainment, communication and computing equipment.
  • Developed one of the first microprocessor-based video games; both the hardware and the software.
  • Wrote the platform stabilization chapter for Inertial Guidance, the first text written on the subject.
  • Testified as an expert witness in a Canadian tariff hearing resulting in a favorable decision for the company.
  • Managed the team which adapted a computer for use in shipboard testing of an inertial navigation system - led to the inertial navigation for the first trip under the North Pole.
D.Sc., Electrical Engineering, Carnegie Tech
B.S., Mechanical Engineering, Georgia Tech
B.S., Electrical Engineering, North Carolina State
Board member and active participant in numerous professional and trade organizations.

Undated, but obviously post-Mattel.