Keyboard Component Hardware


The keyboard component. This particular unit is fully functional except for the cassette tape unit. The capstan turns and the pinch roller closes on the "Clean" command. There is no tape movement when attempting to access tape contents, just buzzing.

Model and serial number.

Owner's book and cable extender.

Microphone and stand.

The keyboard startup screen.

The index of keyboard commands.


BASIC contained in its box.

Contents of the BASIC package.

Loose BASIC cartridge and manual.

Prototype BASIC and diagnostic cartridges.

Unpackaged cartridges. One contains BASIC EPROMs.


White data tapes, apparently packaged with BASIC.

Black data tapes, loose.

Black data tapes in cases.

Mattel diagnostic tape.

American sound diagnostic tape.

Printer 40

Here's the prototype Printer 40. As demonstrated below, it is fully functional.

The printer is a rebadged Alphacom Sprinter 40.

Here's a view of the bottom.

Here's a close-up of the label.

Here's a test sample of the printing.

Here's the plug at the end of the cable that plugs into the keyboard component. The internal circuitry appears to be a "standard" parallel printer port.