Welcome to the home of
Mattel Electronic's Intellivision
video console

My goal has always been to help you keep loving the Intellivision.

      Intellivision 1 console
Intellivision 2 console                

I hope this website rekindles your memories by
giving you access to images of the old and new.

Make sure to explore the Intellivision Library,
the F.A.Q., and other great homebrew products.

Latest Intellivision News

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Ultimate Interfaces for the Intellivision are available!
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Intellivision Space Spartans High Score

     Here are my highest Space Spartan scores achieved on     
the console. They were not submitted for the record
books as I did not video the game.
(click on the image to see it in high-rez)

Intellivision Space Spartans High Score

Intellivision F-16

This was an Intelligentvision promotional piece.

Intellivision 1 console